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Government of Jamaica



Presentation of the Report on the Jamaica Survey of Establishments 2018

AC Hotel Marriott, Kingston

Date: Sep 25, 2019
Organiser: PIOJ – Foundations for Competitiveness and Growth Programme
Partners: PIOJ, STATIN, World Bank Group

The 2018 Jamaica Survey of Establishments (JSE) is the first of its kind to be executed in Jamaica and provides baseline data on the number and distribution of economic units in Jamaica by various categories.

Goals and Objectives

The primary goal of the 2018 Jamaica Survey of Establishments is to provide a solid framework for the development of a robust sampling frame for other establishment surveys. Data collected under the JSE Project may be used to:

  • Select samples for other establishment surveys
  • Benchmark GDP estimates
  • Benchmark producer price indexes
  • Guide economic planning
  • Guide market analysis and investment and production decisions

Scope of the Survey

The JSE targeted businesses operating in urban centres across the island. The survey was largely restricted to non-farm establishments operating from stationary, visible economic units and employing three or more persons on a continuous basis including the owner, if he/she works at the establishment on a continuous basis. Doctor, dentist and lawyer offices, however, were included in the survey irrespective of the number of employees. Questionnaires were completed for establishments within the defined scope; all other establishments identified (employing less than three persons) during the survey were deemed not eligible for a questionnaire and only the name, address and economic activity of those businesses were recorded.

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