Jamaica’s Development Results

Vision 2030 Jamaica – National Development Plan is Jamaica’s first long term national development plan, which covers the 21-year period 2009 – 2030. The Plan presents a strategic roadmap for Jamaica to achieve developed country status by 2030; and is now in its 10th year of implementation (FY2009/10—FY2018/19). This development will be sustainable and inclusive, engaging all Jamaicans in the plan design and implementation processes and providing equitable opportunities to all Jamaicans to benefit from development. Vision 2030 Jamaica is built on a results-based management framework, comprising 4 goals, 15 national outcomes and a strategic and operational framework geared towards the achievement of the goals and outcomes. The achievement of the goals and outcomes is embodied in the Vision Statement “Jamaica, the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business”.